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We Offer a variety of hosting services to suit all budgets and needs

Our Hosting Solutions

Free Hosting

$ 0 Forever
  • You get 1 bot on our hosting panel. You MUST have some form of notice that we are hosting your bot
  • 100mb of RAM
  • 300mb of STORAGE
  • Limited Support

Bot Hosting

$ 1 per month
  • You get 2 bots on our panel and dont require any branding on your bots
  • Tier 1 Support

Private VPS 

$ 3 per month
  • This is perfect for anyone wanting private hosting of their bots
  • 1gb of RAM
  • 10gb of STORAGE
  • Tier 2 Support

Private VPS 2

$ 4 per month
  • This tier is for anyone requiring more than bots. Some examples are: Forums, 
  • 2gb of RAM
  • 30gb of STORAGE
  • 1 Bot on our panel
  • Tier 3 Support